Crowdfunding Project “Receive World Souvenirs from Good Girl Gone Nomad”

Dear readers,

I have an exciting announcement today!

I have just started my very first crowdfunding project on Indiegogo which I select and send souvenirs from around the world in order to fund the rest of my trip.

Almost 1 year has passed since I left Japan and I have used up half of my budget on this trip. I still haven’t seen the African continent or South America. I also love buying beautiful handicrafts, ethnic fabrics and finding treasures at antique markets. So, I decided to combine these two things to make a project.


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It’s easy. Please donate any amount you wish and select a gift. I have made 20 choices of items which will satisfy both men and women. Some of them are quite hilarious!

I would really appreciate if you can lend me a hand in order to support me continue my trip. I will promise you about the quality of the souvenirs. I take a great amount of time when choosing a gift and really care about the satisfaction of the receiver. The items will be worth every cent you paid.

Even if you can’t make a donation, can you help me by sharing the link of my blog on your SNS? I spent a lot of time preparing this crowdfunding page and appreciate as many viewers as possible. I think its also quite a funny page just to take a look at it. I tried to be creative as possible.

I hope to hear from you soon!!

Love, Satomi

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